Let Positivity Shine in Your Life

Life can be filled with obstacles to overcome. These obstacles may be related to one’s  career, health, relationships, education, spirituality, finances, identity, and the broader society. Despite the obstacles that one may face, there is always an opportunity to reframe one’s situation by focusing on the positives. In every situation, there is always a reason to think positively and focus on what is going right. If one tends to focus on the negatives of his or her experiences, one loses sight of the positive aspects of the experience. For instance, one may be battling with an illness that has drained every ounce of energy and hope. When the individual reframes the experience in a positive way, he or she will notice an increase in motivation, strength, and endurance. The individual may choose to go deeper in faith, help others with a similar experience, and show more appreciation for things. Our thoughts reflect through our behaviors. When we have a positive thought life, our behaviors will follow accordingly. In all of our experiences, we will find significant strength and resilience when we think positively. Furthermore, positive thinking gives us a greater capacity to “shine” through our actions and make a greater impact in our lives. 
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Published by: Seun Aina

Seun Aina is a Nigerian American woman who has a passion for positive body image, multiculturalism, and women's issues. As a woman who has experienced body image challenges, Seun Aina would like to empower other women to discover their inner strength and overcome their issues with body image. She created this blog to encourage healing and exploration of identity as it relates to body image and mental health. Currently, she is a doctoral student in Clinical Psychology. She has a Master’s degree in Counseling and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with family and friends.

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